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Tree Service at Its Finest

You have a dying tree in your very backyard in Orangeville, PA. Do you plan to do something about it? Considering that you have a lot on your plate, tree trimming is possibly the last thing that you want to tackle.

You do understand that tree service is important in keeping your trees in shape, but are you aware that tree trimming can also save lives? If you want to know more about the importance of tree services, you should continue reading this article.

  1. Reliable Tree Trimming Company in Orangeville, PA, 17859Safety – You may think that a dying tree poses no danger to you or to your loved ones, but the diseased branches of a tree or the decaying trunk can give in and fall anytime. This may cause injury to passersby. The tragedy would be even greater if your tree is facing the street because the falling branch can also harm the general public or get tangled up in power lines.

  2. Value – A dying or a dead tree will definitely not improve your garden’s appearance. On the contrary, it can make it into an eyesore. Unknown to most people, the decline of your property’s curb appeal also means that its market value will decrease. Imagine what a dying or dead tree in your lawn can do to your property’s visual charm and market value.

  3. Pests – A dead tree is so enticing for pests such as termites and rats. This is due to the fact that these dead trees can become their dwelling place. You may consider this as something harmless, but the proximity of these pests to your house can make it easier for them to attack the structure.

So now that you understand the importance of taking care of your tree, you should immediately consult Hickman Tree Service. We will be more than happy to provide you with quality tree service. All you have to do is call us at (570) 592-4613, and we will do the rest.


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